Opportunities for growth in regional Australia

Regional Australia plays an important and vital role in Australia’s national prosperity and productivity.

Manufacturing is particularly important to regional economies, in areas like the Hunter region in NSW, north, central and south east Queensland, Tasmania, ACT, and regional Victoria. Many regions, such as Geelong, Newcastle, Toowoomba and the Pilbara are undergoing transitions away from traditional manufacturing and the old fossil fuel economy, to a new sustainable future in energy, agriculture, mining and defence.

Our research will focus on delivering environmental, social and economic benefits and impact in the following areas:
Future economy precincts
Enabling the development of globally competitive and energy sustainable regional and remote manufacturing precincts across Australia.
Skills, training and community
Developing and upskilling the existing and next generation workforce to improve productivity and performance in regional and remote communities.
Scalability, exports and jobs
Creating an interactive satellite network of regional manufacturing small and medium enterprises to promote and encourage scalability, economic diversity, new export markets and jobs.
Regional business resilience
Developing resilience in regional supply chains and distribution by shifting to locally supported and micro-connected supply chains.
Manufacturing excellence
Providing transition leadership in manufacturing to support the uptake of automation, 3D additive printing, data analytics and artificial intelligence.
Sustainable manufacturing
Developing manufacturing business models, systems and processes that look at reducing land use, waste and transition to a closed loop state. Designing energy efficient products with material extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal in mind.